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Hello  I am Bernie the Sheep

Hi my name is Bernie and I am a sheep that lives in the hills and valleys of South Wales. I love my family and friends and care about my home – I don’t want to see them killed and destroyed which is why I want to stop grass and mountain fires.

In the lead up the Easter Holiday period I will be hitting the streets of South Wales and visiting primary schools with my BARR – iliant new road show. I hope to meet EWE during one of my visits but if we don’t get chance to meet you can still help me to try and stop these grass and mountain fires by signing up to become a ‘Grass Roots Ambassador’. By becoming a ‘Grass Roots Ambassador’ you are making a promise that you will not start any grass fires on purpose.

Grassroots Ambassadors

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Bernie’s Roadshow


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Bernie has completed his visit to school in the Rhondda Cynon Taf, but you still will be able to see Bernie out and about in your area. Look out for him and if you spot him, email your photos to:

Meet the Family


Likes: eating grass, walking up and down fields and meeting new people

Dislikes: People that set fire to the grass and mountains, sprouts and the colour orange


Likes:Chilling out with her friends, listening to music and she says she is a true BAAR – lieber.

Dislikes: People that set grass and mountain fires and put my home and family in danger

Sheep that doesn’t speak

Likes: Bernie – he’s my BFF!

Dislikes: People that talk too much and set fire to the grass and mountain fires and put my friends in danger

Bernie the Sheep – ‘Newsbleat’

Bernie is not very happy, his home and his friends are at risk from being injured or burnt. Watch the video to find out what makes  Bernie so upset.

Get involved

Show your support by becoming a friend of Bernie on Facebook and adopt the ‘grass roots pledge “I am helping and supporting Bernie in reducing deliberate grass fires across Wales” and you can now also follow Bernie on Twitter.

Enter into our competitions, where you have the chance to win a bike  and join your school in creating a collage to win a trophy for your school.

Enter our schools competition

Win a Trophy for your school

Create a collage at your school and the best collage in the Rhondda Cynon Taf area will win their very own Bernie Trophy. good luck!

Entry to the school competition can only be done through your school. Speak to your teacher to find out more.

Be a grass roots ambassador

Be a ‘grass roots’ ambassador

by making this pledge and becoming an ambassador you are confirming that you will not deliberately start any grass and mountain fires.

You will receive a certificate to say that you are now a ‘grass roots’ ambassador

Grass fires have consequences